Contemporary living guaranteed

We continually take inspiration from the world’s leading professionals; not only adhering to current trends but also maintaining timeless and future-proof designs. All homes we create are different, we never follow a blueprint.

Everything from door handles to window frames are meticulously thought out. We research the contemporary design market and source materials and finishes which are tailored to our client’s specific requirements.

Optimising your living space

Our clients are often seeking a home for a growing family or simply for entertaining within. Space optimisation and open-plan living areas provide for greater experiences.

Enhanced movement of air and light not only increases the awareness of space but also fosters a healthy and calming environment.

Importance of good lighting

Lighting has the ability to change the mood, perception of size and finish more than any other element. Because of this, lighting is an essential part of our planning and design process. Due to the uniqueness of our homes, we design our lighting to serve a purpose; from opening up…

…living areas with abundances of natural light, to creating illusions of space in more compact rooms. Our innovative designs always seek to maximise the connection between the outside and the inside, cultivating the environment into a relaxing space to be enjoyed.

Turning a house into a home

It is a privilege to work with clients via our plot and build projects to create long lasting homes which are enjoyed and utilised to their full extent.

Design and style are entirely subjective to the beholder, so we craft our properties to complement our client’s tastes and requirements.

Meeting high standards

Our clients come to us with good taste and high expectations. Some request unique features they have dreamed of their whole life, whilst others are simply seeking a home which suits a multi-generational family in a suburban location. Ultimately, nothing is too much to deliver. We know our buyers have busy lifestyles and we are pleased to make the process easier for them.

“Throughout the design, build and aftercare service I take the time and pleasure to help clients with the transition from city to suburban living, by sharing the latest places to eat, drink and explore in The Chilterns.”
Chris Broad